Saturday, July 30, 2016

WEDDING NOTES™ - Blooms and Greenery

The floral arrangements you choose for your wedding ceremony and reception are likely to be the most important accessories of the events.  Know that before you select individual blooms, what most people notice first is COLOR - then they notice arrangements and individual flowers.  So before you consult with a florist on the details, decide on what colors you want for your wedding.  Here are some color considerations.

1.  Look at the locations for your ceremony and reception.  What colors are on the walls?  Do you want to contrast or blend?  What are the rules and regulations from your church or ceremony site?  Do they specify size and/or placement?  What kind of lighting is available?  If there are lots of windows and you are planning a daytime ceremony, pale colors may wash out.  In dimly lit evening weddings, try to use warm colors like red, orange and yellow.  Warm colors are said to reflect light better, while cool colors like blue, purple and green tend to recede into darkness.

2.  What effect do you want to create?  If you want drama, color theorists tell us to use contrasting hues like red and chartreuse green.  If you want a more subtle and sophisticated atmosphere, experts say to consider sequential colors (those are the ones next to each other in the color spectrum).  Or you can choose a one color palette, but then pick flowers with different sizes and textures so that the result is not a flat one dimensional thing.  If you don't have a clue where to start, go to a hardware store and look at paint samples.  Collect samples of colors that you like.

3.  Consider the style of your wedding when selecting blooms.  If you are planning a casual country event, you will want to bypass formal elegant orchids.  If you are planning a formal black tie event, you will want something other than daisies and sunflowers.

Let our wedding planning experts help you with this important aspect of your special day.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

WEDDING NOTES™ - Long Term Couples Renewing Vows

While weddings remain our primary focus, we are finding more couples planning to celebrate renewing their wedding vows.  Whether the couple is celebrating milestone weddings of10, 20 or 25 years together, we think it is a wonderful event and have plenty of ideas to help couples plan that special day.

This ceremony is popular with couples who may have eloped or were married in a no frills civil ceremony.  The official term is "reaffirming" wedding vows.  The gathering may be just family or it may be a celebration for friends and family alike.  It may be held in a church or your home or a garden or a hotel or restaurant.  It is a time for celebrating the life you have made together.

Guests are invited with small informal notes or personal phone calls if the ceremony is to be low key.  A larger celebration may include printed invitations that include ceremony and luncheon, brunch or dinner invitations.  It is still considered inappropriate to print "no gifts" on the invitations should you decide to send them.  Count on word of mouth or your website to let friends know your wish for no gifts.  Gifts are not expected for the vows renewal celebration, however some guests will continue to do so.  Accept any gifts graciously and do acknowledge them with a hand written thank you note.

Couples may choose to repeat the vows they spoke on their wedding day (if they can remember them) or they may wish to write new ones that reflect how their love has grown and matured over the years.  If the renewal is to take place in a church, the officiant will be able to help with the ceremony design.

Dressing up for the event is important and symbolic.  We can help you with the selection that will meet with your plans for the event.  We also have good ideas to help you plan the special day and create more memories.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

WEDDING NOTES™ - Tips from Wedding Planners

As more and more brides come to rely on the skill of Certified Wedding Planners, they have tips to share with brides as they plan their big day.

*As couples begin their planning process, it is important to prioritize.  Figure out what is important to each of them and decide what is critical and what can be optional.  If the bride wants a particular gown that may exceed the preliminary budget, then she needs to save the $$ by cutting something else.  Trade offs are likely, so build in some flexibility.

*Make sure that your wedding day reflects your personal tastes and personalities.  If you are casual people don't get talked into a very formal wedding.  It is your day and it should be the way you wish it.

*Your wedding is likely to be the biggest celebration/party you'll ever host.  Enjoy the planning.  Engage a certified wedding planner to help you design and execute the event.  As one planner said, "It's time to be a guest at your own wedding."

*Pay attention to your timeline.  Most weddings are booked with long lead times- especially for the top venues.  If you really have your heart set on one particular spot, be prepared to book it ASAP.

* Know that wedding planners/coordinators can be valuable resources for the bride and groom.  Whether you elect to hire them from the beginning or want only day-of coordination, you'll be relieved of the pressure of handling every detail yourself.  Find one with professional credentials  from Weddings Beautiful Worldwide.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

WEDDING NOTES™ - Post Reception Party

It used to be that the parents of the bride and groom stayed at the reception until the last guest left.  They thanked guests for coming, gathered up gifts brought to the celebration and loaded them in cars for the trip home.

Now it is likely that the bride and groom themselves will stay until the last guest has left.  The reception would have been a great party and no one- including the honored couple- wanted it to end.  The party mood would be hard to shake and since they will have the entire honeymoon to be alone/together, more and more couples are choosing to spend time afterthe reception with close family and friends relaxing and replaying some of wonderful events of the day.

Couples staying at reception venue may host an after party in their suite or they may have arranged a small room at the site to gather for conversation and nibbles and a replay of some the best events of the day.  After the organized events, it would be fun to get caught up on what happened or what was said about the wedding that the couple did not see or hear during the ceremony or reception.

This would be a great time to see the candid shots that people took on their phones.  It would be fun to get a peek at how the bride and party looked coming down the aisle.

Coffee, tea, soft drinks and a light snack would be in order before the party disperses and the couple thanks those whose presence and help meant so much.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

WEDDING NOTES™ - The License to Marry

In the flurry of wedding plans - selecting THE GOWN, the flowers, the tuxedos, the menu, the reception site and stationery trousseau, there are legal obligations that must be met.  This is a serious union that requires the "blessing" of society in the guise of your wedding license.

Consider these reminders:

  • ·         Since states and even some counties may have slightly different rules, call or visit your city hall to make sure you know all the details of the legal requirements in your area.

  • ·         Don't wait till the last minute to make that call or visit.  Most states require that you have the license at least 72 hours prior to the wedding.  Keep in mind that marriage licenses can and do have expiration dates.  The usual range is from thirty to ninety days.

  • ·         Know that the couple must apply together and in person.  In some areas you may need a birth certificate, while in others you may need to show a valid photo ID like your driver's license and/or passport.

  • ·         If you have been married before, you may need to show proof that your first marriage was legally ended.  This can be done with a copy of the divorce degree or death certificate.

  • ·         Be prepared to pay for the license on that day you apply.